See below for useful information on tackle requirements and techniques to ensure a successful and enjoyable visit

  • One of the most attractive features of the Fortland Fishery on the River Easky is that a single handed trout fly rod is all that is required to fish for salmon. A fly rod between nine feet and eleven feet rated for lines between #6 and #9 is most suitable.
  • Floating Fly lines or sink-tip fly lines are used in almost all water conditions with the possible exception of a high clear flood where a fast sinking fly line might be useful.
  • Fly patterns are typical for a spate river; Irish shrimps or long tailed shrimps in sizes 10 to 14 – Bann special, Orange and Gold, Wilkinson Shrimp, Alley’s Shrimp and Easky Gold Shrimp for fresh fish in the early months and Foxford Shrimp, Faughan Shrimp, Claret Shrimp, Red Alley’s Shrimp and McCormacks Folly for resident fish or late in the season.
  • In heavy or coloured water spinning is best practiced with a medium actioned spinning rod between eight & ten feet in length in conjunction with 12 – 16 lb breaking strain line. Favoured lures would be flying C’s in red, black and yellow, small to medium sized Tobys and Rapalas. Bait fishing in high water can be practiced with similar equipment. In low water free line bait fishing with longer, lighter actioned rods and eight pound lines can be deadly.
  • Sea trout fishing is conducted at night with a light actioned fly rod, typically nine feet rated #5 or #6. Suitable fly patterns would be Teal Blue and Silver, Zulu, Black Pennell, Watson’s Fancy, Black Lure and Surface Lure. For consistent success with these wary fish fine tippets of 4 or 5 lb are necessary. Suitable locally tied fly patterns and fishing lures are available from the Fortland Fishery staff.

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The Foxford Fishery offers excellent salmon angling throughout the season:

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